The production process begins in our Technical Office, where we use co-processing supported by three-dimensional CAD software to transform our clients' ideas into reality. We work in partnership with our clients building trust and offering maximum transparency in order to obtain optimal results in terms of efficiency for both of us.

All of our production departments are staffed by highly professional people and offer the perfect combination of expertise, advanced skills, constant innovation and tradition of quality. Carpenfer s.p.a. processes medium-heavyweight structural components (thicknesses from 3 mm to 70 mm) using mechanical and hydraulic presses with press forces up to 1,000 tonnes.

To be as flexible as possible, we use four Trumpf laser cutting systems (one 4 Kw machine and three 5 Kw machines) with a total automatic storage capacity of 500 unsupervised bays, along with four Trumpf numerically controlled bending presses.

Our Tooling Department uses advanced solid CAD modelling systems that allow any type of tool to be designed and built quickly and efficiently.

Our entirely robotised Welding Department uses an exclusive FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System) system by ABB, which is made up of four robotised workstations with a total automatic storage capacity of 86 unsupervised bays, as well as eleven supervised robots with manually loaded/unloaded pallets.

Components that need machining are completed on our seven state-of-the-art CNC (computer numerical control) workstations.

For products that need painting, which is our final production phase, Carpenfer uses two systems (one manual and one automated) with the following work-cycle: sandblasting, washing, degreasing, washing, drying, water-soluble primer application, primer curing, water-soluble enamel application and final curing.